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Understanding Remodeling Costs

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Whenever we start the conversation about a new project, one of the most pressing questions is, “How much will this cost?”

Understanding the cost of the project is important! And it’s so important to us that we’ve developed a clear process to make sure that you know the actual project cost, not just a vague range before the project begins.

How do we do that? Through a solid design and project development process!

First, we work to have a clear design in place. This helps give a clear scope of work.

Next, we put together a selections list and work with you to make all of the material selections for your project. This is a crucial step as different types of cabinetry, flooring, and countertops can vary widely in price! Knowing exactly what your selections are gives us a clear price to add into your project budget so you know exactly what your project will cost.

Finally, when we have your scope of work and selections in place, we can provide you with a clear project budget, not just a range. If knowing exactly what you’ll be investing in your remodeling project is important to you, don’t skip this crucial step!

Investing time into the project on the front end helps ensure that things run smoothly and there are no surprises to your budget!

Not only that, but it helps ensure that things run smoothly and on-schedule once your project begins. When selections are made ahead of time, it allows us to order your materials and plan a schedule on when they’ll actually be delivered.

If you have a project in mind, a smooth-sailing project begins with solid design and project development! If having a clear budget for your project is a priority to you, give us a call to start the process!


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That’s why referrals are so important to us!

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