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Two Quick Fall Safety Tips!

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It's November! We hope that you've had a great fall so far. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime with any home remodeling questions you have. We’re here to help!

We wanted to share 2 quick home safety tips for this holiday season:

1) As we make the fall Daylight Savings time adjustment, this is a reminder to make your bi-annual safety checks. Now is a great time to replace your smoke alarm batteries, check your fire extinguisher, and change your air filters!

2) You may have heard the old saying that a watched pot never boils, but an unwatched pot can be much more dangerous. As we approach the holidays – be careful! Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day account for more home fires than any other days of the year.

83% of those experiencing fires in their homes admitted to activities such as: disabling the smoke alarm, and leaving cooking items unattended to watch TV, talk on the phone, text, or check email. Stay alert!

Speaking of your kitchen, if you’re considering a kitchen remodel, there are two main things to think about: Your kitchen’s appearance and its functionality.

Many homeowners tend to think about appearance first. It’s easy to envision new countertops and cabinets and flooring. Those things are important, but what really makes your kitchen a comfortable and enjoyable place to be is if it functions the way you want it to - if it’s convenient to prepare meals and have guests gather there.

It can be tough to envision the structural changes you’ll need to get the results you want. That’s when it’s helpful to enlist the help and expertise of a professional remodeler (us!) We’re trained to see, not just what’s already there in your kitchen, but how the space can be better utilized. And we know how to get it done in a way that you’ll be thrilled with the result.

So before you begin selecting countertops and cabinets, talk to us about a plan (a design) to make your kitchen the welcoming place you want it to be!

We hope you and home family enjoy a safe and healthy holiday season! Reach out if you have any projects on the horizon that you’d like to start planning for!


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