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May is National Home Improvement Month!

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You know the old saying that “April showers bring May flowers.” The month of May brings a lot of other fun stuff, too, including: May Day, Star Wars Day (“May the Fourth be with you!”), Cinco de Mayo, and Mother’s Day – just to mention a few. On top of that, the whole month of  May is National Home Improvement Month!

10 Steps to Take Before You Start Your Remodeling Project

Just because May is National Home Improvement Month doesn’t mean your remodeling projects will automatically take care of themselves! Often, it’s the steps you take before the physical remodeling begins that make your project successful. While it may seem counter-intuitive, there’s a lot of prep work that we can start now (yes, even with the social distancing guidelines!) to set your project up for success.

So what can you do to ensure that your remodeling job goes smoothly? Here’s a list of Top 10 Tips to Prepare for a Remodel:

1. Research your project – Understand what the average investment is, the scope of the work, and your expected Return On Investment (ROI.)

2. Plan the project around the long-term – Evaluate long-term needs and desires for your home and make sure this project fits those goals.

3. Set your budget – And share it with us! We want to create a project that respects your budget.

4. Use advanced search for professionals – Start by asking people you trust!

5. Ask the right questions when talking to your remodeler – Time and cost are important, but don’t forget to also ask about our specialties and background!

6. Verify your remodeler – Call references and hear what others have to say!

7. Review contracts word-by-word – Contracts are in place to protect everybody. If you have a question, speak up! We’re happy to clarify.

8. Keep design in mind – Browse online and share what you like about each aspect of the design. Organization? Look? Style? We want to know!

9. Make your selections – Making selections early helps keep the whole project on track!

10. Create a communication plan – Ask any questions and make sure you know what to expect!

You can read the full article,  Top 10 Tips to Prepare for a Remodel  for more details about these important steps!

We’d love to help get your May remodeling project off on the right foot! With years of experience guiding clients through a smooth remodeling process, we are equipped to help transform your home while keeping the process clear and straightforward.

Give us a call today! There’s a lot that can be done virtually and while practicing safe, social distancing practices to get your remodeling project started on the right foot!



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