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Is Your Living Room/Family Room Your “Happy Place”?

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In 2014, Houzz surveyed more than 6,000 homeowners and found that 87 percent of them said that home design directly impacts their happiness and that 74 percent of those who took on a remodeling project are happier at home than they were before.

And which room has the highest “happiness quotient”? The living room/family room scored highest (42 percent). How is the happiness level in your living room/family room?

Keys to Creating an Inviting Family Room

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Family rooms are all about comfort, fun, and being together as a family. So, what are the key elements to creating an inviting and attractive family room? Here are three essentials to consider.

1.Size Makes a Difference: Your family room doesn’t have to be enormous, but if it’s too cramped, it won’t feel comfortable. Can you borrow space from other areas to give yourself more room to relax? Even visual space is important. So if you can eliminate a wall somewhere (i.e. between your living/family room and your kitchen) you can create the appearance of more space and it will feel less crowded.

2.Design it to Fit Your Lifestyle: If your family enjoys playing board games together, make sure the space you create allows that to happen. If you host book groups, or enjoy family discussions make sure you have an area that allows for conversation areas. If you enjoy movies or TV or gaming (but don’t want the TV to dominate the room), talk to us about ways to “hide” the TV when it’s not in use – without impacting your viewing pleasure when you want to watch.

3.Plan Your Lighting: It’s easy to overlook lighting—even though it plays a significant role in setting the tone for your room. Work with us to build in both functional lighting (for reading or playing games) and ambient lighting to set a mood.

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