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Home Remodeling: Are You Ready to Take It Indoors?

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For a lot of us, Labor Day signals the unofficial end of summer. Kids are heading back to school—or are already there. Baseball season is winding down (unless your team is good enough to have their sights set on October). And people are generally planning to spend more time indoors.

It’s not all bad news, however. Fall signals the time when we gather together to watch football and eat lots of things that probably aren’t good for us. A lot of families enjoy being able to get together with a big batch of popcorn to watch movies inside as well.

Ah, but where will you watch? More and more families want to enjoy the pleasures of big screen entertainment—without have to sacrifice the comfort and style of their family rooms to do so.

However, there’s more to creating a great family entertainment room than just buying a big screen T.V. and hauling it down to the basement. You’ll want to make sure that your basement is really ready to be turned into a comfortable place where people enjoy being. That means proper lighting, wiring, and flooring. And if you’re in a region where basements tend to get a little damp, you’ll want to make sure you have adequate ventilation and that your room will stay dry.

Another thing that’s important is to allow for flexibility. Make sure your entertainment room isn’t a “one-trick pony” where all you can do is watch TV. Think about what else you might want to use the room for: gaming, board games, crafts, etc.

September may signal the approaching end of summer, but it’s a great time to prepare for comfortable indoor living—with the right design and execution.

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