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Before Summer Slips Away

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As summer heats up and we enter into August, it’s a great time to embrace the sunshine and enjoy the outdoors. With the extra time spent outside, now is a great time to think about how you might want to update your home to make it more livable and enjoyable for yourself or to increase the value of your home. These are some remodeling trends that you might want to look into before summer slips away:

1. Livability Over Luxury:  Homeowners are more interested in projects that add everyday comfort and convenience than in over-the-top opulence.

2. Personalized Style:  People are looking for design and décor that better suits their personal lifestyle and taste rather than blindly following fads. Homes are more customized.

3. Separate Showers and Tubs:  For years, showers and tubs together were the norm. Today more homeowners have separate shower and bath spaces (and some homeowners opt for super-sized showers and no bathtub at all).

4. Importance of Accessibility:  As increasing numbers of Americans plan to stay in their own homes longer, they are taking steps now to ensure that their existing homes make it easier to access important areas of their home. That impacts outlets, countertops, hallways, and stairs. Making design changes now makes aging in place a much smoother transition.

5. Open Design (Especially Kitchens):  While the open kitchen design isn’t brand new, it’s still extremely popular – and is still a hot trend in older homes where the kitchen was isolated from other common rooms (family room, living room, dining room).

Late summer is a great time to start the remodeling process! If any of the things mentioned here strike a chord with you, now is a great time to talk to us about creating a design and plan that will deliver the kind of result you want and help you enjoy your home even more as you head into fall.



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